Reach more survey respondents than you've ever imagined.

Discover an untapped market of survey respondents by sending participation invites through
PrecisionSMS and text-to-web surveys.

Why PrecisionSMS


surveys can be launched and data in hand in as little as 36-hours.


A Fraction of the cost, with more power than traditional MRx


from a small town in Iowa to the entire nation, we’ll reach them.


Real People. Real Responses. No Professional Panelists . 

US Population Panel Reach

1 %

US Population SMS Reach

0 %

Our SMS Methodology

Survey Instrument

With PrecisionSMS, you can use your survey instrument or ours. We're not picky over here. We'll work with you to make sure your survey is optimized for text-message research (if you even need it at all).

You send us the link to your survey, we'll send it out to your desired audience, and you watch as the responses start coming in.


There are two schools of thought with SMS MRx: Real-Time Chat and Text-to-Web. At PrecisionSMS, we have optimized text-to-web. Why?

T2W has many benefits. A few of them being speed, using less team members to accomplish more results, and the ability for respondents taking the survey on their time, so more surveys are conducted with less work needed.


We source our sample from up-to-date registered voter files, RDD sample, and customer provided data bases. Once we recieve the sample, we then run it through our own quality tool to ensure that records are accurate and active.

By doing this, it allows up to target small and large regions that won't be available with online sample companies.


Peer-to-Peer texting is the 100% TCPA compliant methodology for sending unsolicited text messages to potential survey respondents.

Our P2P technology, PrecisionSMS, utilizes message personalization with human intervention sending, allowing for one-to-one communication, at scale.

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